Easter Eggs Made Easy

I love Easter and it doesn't take much to get your home "bunny" ready. A sprinkling of pastel colours, spring flowers and of course, decorated eggs set the stage nicely.

Every year I dip and dye a batch but this time around, I decided to adorn my eggs in two new ways and I love the results. 


After a quick dip in some food colouring, vinegar and boiling water, I brought out my typewriter letter stamps and imprinted the eggs with seasonal words. This would be a fun way to create place settings for Easter brunch or dinner. The end result is really effective.


The second way was to add some classy scrapbook stickers of chicks, bunnies and flowers. Just don't overdo it, less is more!

Display your eggs using egg cups or shot glasses, add a sprig of spring, a bunny and voila, you have an easy Easter centrepiece. 

Have a wonderful, chocolate-filled weekend and happy egg decorating!


Classy Easter Decor

I love to embrace every holiday from Valentines to Thanksgiving and a little bit of classy decor can go a long way in celebrating the seasons. This Easter I have purchased a beautiful white ceramic bunny for my dining table. It is understated but says Happy Easter all the same. Plus, it won't compete with my white serving ware. And classy doesn't have to mean expensive. $12.99 at Winners.