Roll Out the Red Carpet for Oscar Sunday

Oscars Invitation for 2016

One week until my favourite day of the year - The Academy Awards! It's only my favourite day because I get together with my gal pals and drink copious amounts of champagne, gorge on delicious food and gossip about celebrities. Some call it my Super Bowl. I call it Bubbly Sunday.

Here are a few tips for hosting your own bash: 

1) The Invitation

Over the years, I have created a variety of invitations. From "Oscars in a Box" which included champagne bubbles, confetti stars, a mini red-carpet and party details rolled into a scroll to photo invitations depicting classic black and white Hollywood scenes or a personalized walk of fame star generated from this amazing site. Whatever you decide, avoid email and use snail mail to invite your guests. It sets the tone for a glamorous event.

2) Decor

I like to stick with classic Hollywood colours such as black, white, gold and silver. Beyond linens, I have a few movie props I like to display such as a clapper board, 35mm film and Oscar statues. I also like to include coordinated paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling or some type of chandelier for visual interest. Last year, I made this admit one paper ticket chandelier and it was met by rave reviews. I have also invested in a red carpet that I enjoy rolling out my front door!

3) Food & Drink

Bubbly is a given! Beyond a few cinema inspired confections and popcorn, I leave the menu up to my guests. Each person is asked to bring a potluck dish that reflects a nominated film. Last year, I made a Guiness Cake and plated it on a Union Jack tea towel with a sign made with typewriter key stamps. This year, a potato dish for The Martian, bison sliders for The Revenant and spaghetti for Brooklyn will likely grace the table.

4) Entertainment

In addition to the potluck item, guests bring a bottle of wine as entrance into the Oscar pool (winner takes all!). Keeping track of your ballot when it may be worth a case of wine keeps people pretty enthused with the awards show.

I also like to run a few games to keep things interesting. I've done Oscar trivia, guess the movie from a one line synopsis, guess who's wearing the famous Oscar outfit to guess the movie themed music. It's always a blast. I've got a new one for this year but I can't share for fear of one of my guests reading this and studying up on the subject.

Prizes for games vary from copies of Vanity Fair magazine  to celebrity's favourite makeup, gift cards to the movies or past Oscar winning flicks on blu-ray.

Have a fun viewing party and please feel free to email me if you'd like more info on anything I have written about.

Cheers to Bubbly Sunday!