Inside Out Themed Birthday Party


The latest Disney phenomenon is "Inside Out" and it has captured the heart of my niece. For her birthday I wanted to give her a small party with an "Inside Out" theme but with the film being so new and no branded party supplies in stock, I had to improvise.

Colour plays a big role in the film and I decided rainbows were the best way to illustrate all of the characters plus they are easy to find and incorporate.

Cake: I had the bakery decorate her cake with a rainbow and instead of the traditional Happy Birthday message, I had them write "Who's the birthday girl?" - one of the funniest lines from the film. Next, I used the Holiday Ornament template found here and printed it off in colour. Cutting each out and attaching them to toothpicks, they gave the cake a true "Inside Out" theme.

Decor: For decor, I had balloons in red, green, blue, yellow and purple to represent the characters of the film. I would also suggest a rainbow tablecloth and rainbow streamers to brighten the room. Her gift was in a very large rainbow bag that provided a backdrop to the side table (and enclosed Inside Out PJS!).

Favours: For favours, I found rainbow dance streamers and rainbow hair clips that the kids loved. You could also include an Inside Out colouring book which are out in stores now.

There is much more you could do but these few things really carried the theme well and the look on her face was pure delight!

Happy planning!