Get Your Pimms On

The sun is shining and patios all over the city are coming to life with new garden furniture, plants and summer cocktails! I have long been a fan of Pimms No. 1 Cup, a gin-based British beverage infused with spice and citrus. Traditionally served with sparkling lemonade and garnished with orange, cucumber, apples and lemons, it is refreshing, crisp and so very civilized. To add to the beverage’s allure, it has been produced since 1823 from a recipe that is so secret, it is kept under lock and key with only seven people to have ever known its true ingredients! Join me in making 2009 the summer of Pimms with these recipes. Cheers!

Traditional Pimms
1 measure of Pimms
2 measures of lemonade
1 slice of lemon1 slice of Cucumber1 slice of Apple
1 slice of Orange
Fresh Mint

Pimms and Ginger
1 measure of Pimms
3 measures of Ginger ale
1 slice of lemon
1 slice of Cucumber
1 slice of Apple
Fresh Mint

Pim Pom
2 measures Pimm
3 measures Pomegranate Juice