Non-Floral Centrepieces with Household Items

Spring is just around the corner and tulip bunches are making there way onto dining tables all around the country. To change things up, try a non-floral centrepiece for your next event. Most often, these centrepieces can be created from existing household items and will enhance your theme with little effort or money.

Take your favourite glass bowl or vase and fill it with lemons and limes or some bright red apples.

For an Italian theme, fill a basket with red, green and yellow tomatoes.

Use a cake stand to display candles of varied heights with cherry blossom cuttings or fall leaves scattered amongst the base of the candles. Or use that same cake stand and pile it up with shells for a beach theme.

For a movie/games night, fill vases with popped popcorn, M&M's and licorice or layer a number of candies.

Be creative, think outside the box and have fun!